The interview is key to any hiring process. But if a candidate doesn’t interview well, should you automatically reject them? What should you look out for when a candidate does badly during an interview? 

Relying on the interview alone to make a hiring decision is risky, says Matthew Callow, registered psychologist and Associate Director, Queensland & New Zealand at Hudson Talent Management.

“If you’re weighting your whole decision on an interview, you’re really putting yourself at risk as a company because the interviews aren’t the most objective hiring tool. They’re open to a lot of subjectivity,” Callow says.

Michael Simonyi, director of Brisbane-based LiquidGold Consultants, agrees that a candidate’s performance in an interview doesn’t determine whether they’re the right person for the role. 
“Ask yourself: am I looking for people who interview well, or am I looking for people who will perform in the role to a high level? Because they’re not necessarily the same thing,” Simonyi says.

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