A changing workforce has left many highly qualified professionals out of the job market. But are these candidates too qualified, or could they be the right people for the job?

We look at what questions hiring managers could ask themselves when candidates appear overqualified.

Firstly, get to the root of why an applicant is interested in the role and make sure their interests are aligned with the job description, says Richard Dunlop, Managing Director at Spring Professional, part of The Adecco Group.

“This will help you determine whether a candidate is really interested in the role or is seeing it as a foot in the door with a view to being promoted.

“It is very easy to overlook a suitable candidate because you are concerned they will get bored or be looking for an immediate promotion, but this might not be the case.”

Candidates may be looking for a better work-life balance after starting a family, says Paula Kirwan, General Manager of Davidson Executive and Boards.

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