About me

Helen Tobler writerI’m a professional freelance content writer, copywriter, editor and proofreader
 with 20 year’s experience based outside Sydney, Australia.

As a freelance writer and editor I bring extensive newsroom experience to my work, producing accurate, clean copy.

I have 10 years’ experience as a print and digital journalist with Australia’s only national broadsheet newspaper, The Australian.

From ‘Copy!’ to Copywriter

After starting work at News Ltd as a copygirl (also known as phone answerer, mail deliverer and coffee fetcher who answers to the name “Copy!!”) I did a cadetship with The Australian, including training in media law and shorthand.

I then worked for the newspaper as a general reporter, medical reporter, and sub-editor for both print and digital.

With that background in daily print and online journalism, I’m skilled at quickly gathering information from the right sources, and writing to deadline.

There is nothing like the pressure of a daily print deadline to give you fast and accurate writing skills!

Those 10 years in a large newsroom also gave me a mortal fear of missing a deadline or a typo. 

As a former journalist, I work quickly and calmly under tight deadlines.

And as an editor and proofreader, I’m pedantic and thorough. I have five years’ experience as a sub-editor – both print and digital – at The Australian.

I’ll make sure your copy has no embarrassing grammatical or spelling errors, and give it an eagle-eyed second and third (and fourth) look to check for any typos.

Most importantly, I’ll deliver on time and I’ll meet the brief!



Helen wrote a number of features for the sections I edited at The Australian and proved herself immensely capable of handling a variety of topics. She is a wonderful journalist to work with – diligent with details, adept at storytelling, and a stickler for deadlines.

Padma Iyer

News Producer and Letters Editor, The Daily Telegraph, News Corp Australia

Helen interviewed several high-profile medical spokespeople from my client roster for stories and dug deep into technical research – writing in a way we could all make sense of the weighty findings and medical terms. It was a joy to work with Helen. She exudes professionalism, is an outstanding writer, exemplary journalist, and terrific person.

Caroline James

Public relations director, Corporate & public affairs